What a single person can do ?

Planned Parenthood of America has been caught performing illegal partial birth abortions for the procurement and selling of human body parts of aborted babies which is again illegal. The videos that were released by the Center for Medical Progress have touched the hearts of even people who claim to be “pro-choice” or  “pro-abortion”. In the wake of such an incident that the whole nation is outraged, every individual is affected by it in some way. I am deeply distressed by this event like many other people who were personally depressed by this piece of news. And while trying to digest this piece of information I slip by one of the pages in internet only to learn about the Ministry of Health in India has proposed to extend abortion up to 24 weeks and to liberalize the service in much more way. The account of 14 year old girl raped by her doctor has reached supreme court which has been waiting to open the gates of abortion wide open to anyone who demands it. It feels like something stabbed me right in my chest.  I was even more frustrated by  “what can i do? phenomena.

I am a single person . I do not work for a pro life organization, I do not have a larger social circle of friends or family, I am an immigrant, I am not in my country, I am enraged by this grave injustice that occurs to not only babies but in way even to the women(mothers) who are sold abortions as a quick fix. I am a single person, how can I even react to these events that shows the all time low of humanity. If you are either in America or Peru or India or Africa and witness similar gruesome injustice to the dignity of human life then my account might help you in some way. These are some simple things a person can do to protect the Sanctity of Life :

1. Prayer : While people might laugh at you at this suggestion let me remind you about the clinics that gets shut down by the famous Helpers of God’s Precious Infants Vigil and 40 days for Life program. If you are pretty shy to pray before an abortion clinic, you could pray inside a church or pray personally for an end to abortion in your community or nation. Or help the parish or diocesan Respect Life Committee organize ‘Mass for Life’, or hold a “Holy Hour for Life’ in your Church or youth group. If you’re someone with guts, just drive down to the nearest clinic and say a Rosary. Things change in an unimaginable way.

2. Get active in Church : You could start a pro-life committee in your church. If there’s one already then work with them to promote events like baby shower/cradle of love program to collect items for mothers who choose to keep their baby rather aborting them. Help these mothers with their pregnancy by praying for them, supporting them, encouraging them. Sometimes all they’re looking for is just someone to speak with and someone who will appreciate their struggle. Honor these women for their courage. Get in contact with Parishioners through bulletin. Have Pro Life educational brochures in the entrance of the Church.

3. Social Media : The Gen Y has a mobile and a Facebook account at the least. Leave alone whats app, twitter or Instagram. You can use these tools to spread the message of Gospel of Life. Do not be stringent with that Facebook Like button. You are never going to run out of them. Like, Share and comment on pro-life posts. You never know someone who is watching your posts might be touched by it. Join pro life groups and take part in group discussions to know what others are doing to promote the sanctity of Life, learn from others on different ways of evangelizing people. Will you do this if i say country’s political systems have crashed just by the use of social media? It’s not a waste of time to use those hashtags or making those videos.  I can personally assure you of conversion through this medium. People have changed their hearts after arguments presented in loving and humble manner. Sometimes thats the firt time they’ve been presented with the ‘Truth’. Even if a single heart is changed or touched, it’s worth it. But before doing that,

4. Get to know facts : Before using Social Media as a tool to fight the Culture of Death it is very important to equip oneself with the knowledge necessary to begin discussions, proclaim truth, engage in conversations and change hearts. This includes knowing the philosophical teachings that form the foundations of “Dignity” of human life, getting familiar with the scientific facts about development of human person, other issues that threaten the dignity of human life  (Abortion, Euthanasia, Surrogacy, Embryo experimentation, organ trafficking, IVF and other Artificial reproductive methods, egg donation, egg freezing, bioethics, artificial birth control and it’s effects etc  )

Most important is to be familiar with how these issues affect your community, culture and country. I’ve seen many Pro life people in India who are familiar with issues affecting America but they have least idea what’s happening in their backyard.

5.  Recycle/Reuse: I am a Craiglist girl. When I came to America I was so impressed to see how people recycled and wear ready to reuse things instead of forming gutters. I was so excited I started looking for baby cribs and strollers and would go to homes and pick them up and deliver them to Sisters right when a mom is expecting or is in need. This gives opportunity to talk about the mission of the Sisters or for that matter any Crisis Pregnancy Center by thanking them for indirectly helping moms. This is a simple thing a person can do. But it makes a huge difference for the young mother who goes to school and still  decides to have her child instead of the pressure of abortion.

6. Get active in community : The world is so busy that the business and the lifestyle of common man has been shaped by greater economic policies in such a way that his social life is seriously affected and he is isolated. It’s hard to gather people under one roof than it was 10 years ago. Everybody is in a rush for one’s livelihood. But it is during such a time is the greater need for common action. Do you think those people rallying, marching and protesting are wasting their time? Not at all. Such events create an impact in governmental decisions and shaping the Culture and majority opinion.

Is the Ministry of Health India proposing an Amendment to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act? then it’s time for you to show up in the rally. In this way you educate people on what’s going on around and you have given a part of yourself to defend those defenseless unborn babies whose voice will not be heard.

7. Sidewalk Counseling : May it be India or America. People living in countries which exercise ‘Democracy’ have the right to ‘Free Speech’. Right to Freedom of Expression and Speech is a fundamental right in India as a first Amendment rights in US. If Family Planning Association of India the affiliate of Planned Parenthood exercises it free speech way beyond limits by taking control of schools and giving filthy sex education to 6th grade children then it’s high time for you and me to courageously use our Fundamental Rights. Being in front of clinics and trying to offer help peacefully doesn’t violate any laws and is legal to do. Women have the right to know the truth. And this approach is the last chance to get them the options they need. If you’re called to be in front lines to defend life there’s plenty of materials in web with which you could train yourself.


8. Volunteer : This is another great way to contribute to fighting the Culture of Death. There are genuine groups out there who do not do things for money or fame but for the right intention- to save souls, save lives, families and do them without expecting something in return. Voluntering helps the giver much more than the reciever. And nothing is best than giving one’s time, strength and talents. Sister’s of Life and Helpers of God’s Precious Infants are the two best in America so far that i’ve personally encountered. The best way to find out if you’re with the right group is to seek these attributes in them: Poverty – working for “Life” for money never works (trust me) and if they have ‘Poverty’ as their charisma, like Helpers and Sisters of Life thats the best attribute one can find to be sure of right place. Money does more harm than good in this battle of Life, second is Blessed Mother- any group that keeps away God and especially Blessed Mother to embrace all in name of ‘ecumenical’ or to be a common non religious affiliation or to be hidden for tactical reasons is not going to win. It will be stupidest to think so and there’s a very very strong reasons to this. Also look for organization in their readiness to ‘Give’ than receive.

There are several NGOs in India that care for deserted pregnant moms and children. Get to know the one in your neighborhood, spend time with them, help them, encourage their staff, be a friend for these people.

No matter if you have a full time job or work around the clock you can always work to promote the Sanctity of Life. All you need is the heart that suffers with those who are oppressed.

“Give us the grace – When the sacredness of life before birth is attacked, to standup and proclaim that no one ever has the authority to destroy unborn life.” – Pope St.John Paul the Great

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