A lone voice…

I have 300+ friends in Facebook, blessed with almost 20+ cousins, am in touch with my school mates and college mates, though am an immigrant to America my husband has a fair amount of contacts living here in States including his kith and kins, I am active in Facebook, in Whats-app and most of all in our Church and diocese, but the interesting fact is that when I post about Abortion in my Facebook page everything comes to standstill. I have fairly had 70 plus likes for my profile picture which I consider least important for the kind of attention I give to my personal appearance however the posts on Abortion, Euthanasia and anything pertaining to culture of Life suffers from lack of attention.

What could be the reason?

Indian folks care less about the real social life.

Being social these days mean the extent to which extrovert you are, the clubs, parties and associations that you spend time with after those hideous over consuming work hours, the frequency of trips to cities and shopping engagements whether you like it or not and the broad range of circle you claim to be friends but whose real joy or sorrow you have no clue of. The so called ‘social’ gatherings always chatter about the new exciting things they have done or would undertake shortly, the material possessions that have been gained with the job they grumble about mostly than being grateful for, chirppings about false appreciations that they really don’t mean but fake for the sake they know not and an ever ending empty conversations of buying a house, traveling, enjoying life etc. So while the air is consumed and chocked by this popular notion of social life let’s think about what this generation is missing. There is another meaning to ‘social life‘ that of or relating to the life, welfare, and relations of human beings in a community:social problems. Where are those kind of conversations about the well being of the family, inquiries about friends difficulty in the past that he has confided, discussions about the upbringing of children, sharing about religion, empathizing with the social problems and queries about politics? The missing element of this generation is  altruism , the concern for the neighbor, the welfare of others. Parents daringly train their offspring in this attitude. So what matters to me if He/She has an abortion, if he/she uses contraception, if he/she is a victim of rape, if he/she decides to euthanize his/her parents. Indians will not openly fight against abortion because they are afraid of being questioned and losing contacts.

The Priorities have changed

The priority of every Indian household is career. . It’s no more family, education or happiness. While the land is known for searching withing self and attaining self realization, Indians now are more geared toward things without, markedly grades and jobs. Indian women value career over marriage and family these days. People care less about spirituality and more about materials. A collective blind run for success  seems to have drugged Indian men and women into an unending race which costs the society in a slow pace whose fruits the country should be ready to reap in next 2 decades. From a culture centered around family India is in a dangerous journey towards independence and self centered narcissism. Indians will not openly fight against abortion because it makes them very uncomfortable to see themselves and their new priorities.

What’s the attitude towards life? Consumerism

The stereotype of Indians being spiritual people can no more be a popular notion. India is ridiculously materialistic. The motto of a typical Indian is ‘work hard and get rich’ . The pursuit of truth, happiness or meaningful life can be scarcely found among Indian household. Parents encourage their children to take up ‘survival of fittest’ philosophy, competition is celebrated and co operation is a long forgotten virtue. Schools enslave children over scores for their marketing and parents enslave children for the same for the sake of boasting. There is no more value for cultivation of virtues, teaching morals or basic concern for humanity.  Indians will not voice out against abortion because they don’t want anything to come on their way of comfortable consumerist life.

Ignorant journey towards choice

Women in India claim not feeling guilty about choosing abortion over career. ‘choice’ is an upcoming poplar term in India. Fairly used by feminists to achieve whatever they demand. The growing thirst for power of women and their ever ending quest for independence cost marriage, family and children. There is no greater difference between need and want. Not only does more number of Indian women want to work but they are encouraged even sometimes forced by their greedy husbands to do so reducing the kind of attention women can intrinsically give to families. With this much rapidly communicable infection of greed India’s cultural foundation is threatened more than ever.  While consumerism gains momentum the value of human life degrades to a much pathetic level. Indians will not fight against abortion because women no more have intrinsic motherhood within them.

I work 5 days a week

So in all this drama centered around “I me myself” the selective meaning Indian population gives to social life is one that of pub, party and social gatherings doing nothing but the same thing expecting different results. Isn’t that madness? To do something again and again but to expect different results? Where does concern for ‘neighbor’ fit in here? Where is the time for the sick friend, the deserted child, the tired maid, the kids on streets, the babies murdered silently in hospitals, the unjust sterilizations, the mass human rights violations, the person hanged by death penalty, the elderly killed in the name of mercy?

With this change in the society and culture here I am open in my stand against the culture of death and in the fight against abortion. I care not who responds, or comes out for discussion or likes or dislikes i keep spreading message about the Sanctity of Life whenever opportunity arises. If you are one like me and wonder why Indians are so silent in social media, let me tell you, they are busy buying stuff and will never dare to stand for a cause. And you will be just like me:

 I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness,”Make straight the way of the Lord”


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