What do pro choice women really want


In response to the Planned Parenthood scandal a nationwide protest was organized in various locations in front of Planned Parenthood, calling governments to investigate and de-fund the criminal organization. The nationwide #ProtestPP event was organized even in Manhattan, NYC in the International Margret Sanger Center, the nation’s abortion capital where I happened to take part. In response to this event a counter protest was organized by the Stop Patriarchy group around the same time and location. Almost 50 pro choice people signed up to attend the event. On the day of the event myself along with three other sidewalk counselors were busy trying to speak to women about alternative options as crowd started to gather around each side with growing hostility. Planned parenthood did not halt the abortions irrespective of the protest outside. We witnessed roughly 20- 25 women getting into the clinic for whatever services including abortion.

As the clock struck 9 there was considerable crowd in bleecker street with cops giving instructions and placing railings and by standers stopping by curious to know what’s happening. Almost 100 pro-life people were already there with various signs and I turned around to look at the crowd gathered in the spot assigned for pro-choice people and chuckled because there wasn’t even 10 by then. I had a sense of relief but more than that a sense of mischievous happiness in witnessing the ‘good’ being stronger than ‘evil’. Around 9.30 am two women marched across the street towards the side where pro-life people were assigned a space to protest and started shouting the infamous slogans. I was immersed in observing their behavior, looks, campaigning tactics, catchphrase and the overall response to more than 150 pro life people who out number them by 10:150 ratio.

Let me give a glimpse of the pro choice counter protest

There were not even 20 protesters to counter the massive 150+ pro-life protesters. The pro-choice group was seen asking passersby to stop and stand for a while to support them, which is a cheap tactic for a notable organization like Stop Patriarchy. However that did not surprise me. There was only 2 strong women that tirelessly kept shouting at the top of their voice and the others looked like they were ashamed to belong to such a minority group and did not bother to shout as much as these two activists. Their slogans were aimed at church, patriarchy, women enslavement, rape and incest, women’s rights but nothing about the actual problem which is Planned Parenthood using illegal partial birth abortions and selling the parts of babies to make profit. It was clear indeed that these women were looking to pick a fight. Their anger was evident and true. They were not bothered about the abortion pictures show cased by pro-life group. My husband was astonished at the ferocity of these women and unable to comprehend their true mentality came up to ask me “why are these women so violent, so angry…what do they want?”

My answer was LOVE

With all my observations poured into the context of answering my husband I was surprised at the answer myself. The answer actually began with a series of questions :

  1. Would a child raised in a loving environment under the care of a devoted father and a mother grow up to scream “women are not your incubators” and sex is not for children?
  2. Would a girl who has met a trust worthy boy friend who has a great respect for her mind, body and soul will scream pro-life is women enslavement?
  3. Would a woman whose husband fights for her dignity, is an unfailing and responsible protector, stand there and blame pro-life men as anti women.

I would normally say ‘no’. These women and girls, so called feminists fighting against patriarchy are ‘wounded souls’. They are those whose trust in men has been betrayed. They are those whose father, brother, boy friend or husband had done something at some point in their lives that has broken their hearts, these girls are those whose family has betrayed them. Altogether they are those who haven’t experienced LOVE . While discussing about them a friend of ours shared his opinion which was indeed wonderful. These women have to be appreciated for one thing: they are cold. They are not those lukewarm indifferent people. They are like Saul waiting to meet Jesus for a dramatic transformation into Paul, to become a fervent soldier for Christ.

These women need to experience the sacrificial love of someone: especially a man, through whom they should be healed off of their disappointment and heart breaks. Even Abby Johnson the former Director of Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant claims that the unconditional love of her husband who was pro-life back then when she was pro-choice was a catalyst to her conversion. In the same way these women are yet to meet that someone who will mirror Christ through whom their trust should be restored, that they realize that in giving they will not lose themselves rather gain life. And ours is a great responsibility here: to get on our knees and to pray for this to happen.

“It is the duty of every man to uphold the dignity of every woman.”

– St.John Paul II


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