5 powerful reasons to protest in front of Planned Parenthood

#ProtestPP was an incredible response to the wicked and the most monstrous action of the Planned Parenthood’s baby parts scandal. Protests were held in more than 300 cities throughout the nation and even in 5 different countries other than United States. Several pro-life organizations came together irrespective of their differences to stand together against this satanic criminal organization. The event was a huge success despite the fact that Planned Parenthood hasn’t been de-funded in all 50 states yet. If you may ask how, then here are the top 5 reasons that suggests the success of the #ProtestPP event and a crucial reason for future protests and collective action against Planned Parenthood.

1 .Workers quit Planned Parenthood

The #ProtestPP has a profound effect on the clinic workers that there were accounts reported where Planned Parenthood workers quit their job after witnessing the Protest. When a group of people come out together against an injustice which might have numbed the humanity of certain others, protests such as these are helpful in waking up their conscience and even giving them the courage to take the right choice of standing up for the unborn in a personal way. The collective action is an opportunity for them to know the reality of abortion and a time for them to ponder on their co operation in such an activity. Because the liberal media censors the news on the reality about PP, protests such as these helps the community to know what’s happening in their neighborhood as well as what’s their response to such an atrocity.




2. Two lives saved

What can be more euphoric than witnessing an abortion minded women decide to choose life after witnessing the crowd of 750 people standing outside the abortion facility fighting against the lies perpetrated by Planned Parenthood. The young mother from St.Louis changed her mind and decided to keep her baby as she encountered a sidewalk counselor who spoke with her showing the baby model and informed the protesters to pray that she might come out of the abortion facility during a short encounter. The child was saved and so is the mother. The crowd outside the abortion facility will trigger the conscience of the abortion minded women and often challenge their decision. Is this not a reason worth protesting planned parenthood?



3. Abortion Industry Exposed 

While the nation was quiet busy in it’s usual business of dirty consumerism, lost in one of the famous lie of planned parenthood  being a non-profit, pro-woman, law abiding organization the protest deeply challenged the views of pro-aborts/pro-choice crowd. After witnessing the attitude of clinic workers who were found munching salad as they casually spoke about procuring body parts from babies inside the womb and altering abortion procedures to obtain intact organs and bargaining openly for Lamborghini people have been challenged about their support for planned parenthood. Not only this but the satanic ties of PP  has been exposed shocking the nation about the brutal cannibalistic primitive attitude of practicing human sacrifice under the disguise of women’s rights and healthcare services. The protest at Detroit was an evidence for Planned Parenthood’s involvement in human sacrifice. Without #ProtestPP this truth would have been joked by the public as another empty pro-life hype.

Satanists performing ritual outside Planned Parenthood as opposed to #ProtestPP event.
Satanists performing ritual outside Planned Parenthood as opposed to #ProtestPP event.



4. The Pro life momentum

The #ProtestPP united the pro-life people from various backgrounds and mission to come together in the fight against the abortion giant, which is crucial to the movement. This was not only an encouragement to those working tirelessly for life but also an encouragement for one another to participate in this fight against injustice to the least of our brothers and sisters- the unborn. Almost 60 plus organizations came together calling governments to investigate and De-fund planned parenthood. in more than 40 states across United States and in 5 countries across the globe with more than 70,000 participants which is an encouragement to those who are pro-life but are hesitant in being one in public square. This has challenged the media and the journalists who did not cover the news but whose details went on as a wild fire through social media which even exposed media bias towards the movement.

#ProtestPP at Manhattan,NYC in front of Planned Parenthood (Margret Sanger International Center) in Bleecker st.
#ProtestPP at Manhattan,NYC in front of Planned Parenthood (Margret Sanger International Center) in Bleecker st.

5. Planned Parenthood is scared to death

The highlight of the protest is the Planned Parenthood’s realization that people can’t be fooled anymore and that they are in a serious trouble. Despite buying media, journalists and politicians Cecile Richards and her team are scared at witnessing hundreds of protesters in front of their clinics. The organization hires a crisis communication agency to control the damage, Cecile Richards prepares a nine page length letter to congress finally accepting the sale of body parts of aborted babies, and the organization virtually uses every measure to control the damage and silence the scandal. For the 8 videos released by the Center for Medical Progress Planned Parenthood hasn’t responded about their clinic staff’s discussion about partial birth abortions or profits from sale of body parts or altering abortion procedure to procure intact parts or trying to getting away with law for doing illegal activities or any of the allegations accepted by clinic workers in the video. Rather the organization sues Louisiana Gov.Bobby Jindal for cancelling medicaid, running ad-campaigns against republicans who support de-funding the organization, trying to take legal action against The Center for Medical Progress and issuing awards to journalists for not covering the news about the body parts scandal. Planned Parenthood is scared and desperate.

Desperate Cecile in an interview on Planned Parenthood selling bodies of aborted babies
Desperate Cecile in an interview on Planned Parenthood selling bodies of aborted babies

#ProtestPP was a huge success and we need more of this collective action not just to de fund this criminal organization but to shut it down and protect our women, children and families through life affirming choices and ending abortion.

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