Arguments at Sidewalk

Sometimes at Sidewalk there are certain encounters which calls for different kind of service. I was taught that Sidewalk Counseling is not just about counseling women and advocating for the unborn but, sometimes things can go further where we have to dig in a little bit deeper. But never did I think nor was I prepared for an unexpected experience which would go far beyond unborn and women’s rights. The following transcription was one such experience with a person who was pro-choice and who happened to pass by Planned Parenthood questioning me about as much as everything within a 45 minute conversation.  There were moments I felt desperate because I was incapable of explaining something marvelous like existentialism, human life, divinity, God or Sex.

Finally it is clear to me that nothing makes sense without God and Sidewalk Counselors may not be wanted but they are needed!

Let me know how better I could’ve answered.

Stranger :     What are you doing?

Me           :     Oh! am trying to offer help to women. Like giving information about the alternatives. this organization helps women, children and families with life-affirming options. so they take care of women who are pregnant and who need help with housing, schooling, rent, medical and legal help. Pretty much everything.

Stranger :    Who are you to do this?

Me         :    Why not? I’m just offering help. Many of them do not know about the help available. 

Stranger :    You think women just wake up and come to have an abortion? they know what they’re doing and they sit with their family and boyfriend and make the decision. You are here to force your morality on them. You’re not helping them.

Me         :    Well how many women have the luxury of talking about this with their family expecting them to support them? Do you know how many boy friends coerce their partners to have an abortion and threaten them of ending the relationship, i’m here and I see women crying and their boyfriend forcing them into this decision of killing their babies.

Stranger :    do you eat meat? are you a non vegetarian?

Me            :    Yes I do!

Stranger :    So you are ok with killing animals and you’re here to stop abortion. look at your hypocrisy

Me            :    So you say human beings and animals are same?

Stranger :    Yes! what makes human beings special or important than animals? do you know science?  do you know about Darwin and evolution?

Me            :   Darwin’s proposal was a theory. It’s not a fact.

Stranger :    Do you know big bang?

Me          :     No I don’t. I’ve heard people say everything came about in a boom by itself.

Stranger :    Look at that car. It has a design, a model, a reason…

Me           :     great yes. so it came in boom…just like that? you said it has a design and model and somebody made it for a purpose. so you sound like you don’t agree with bing bang. Life begins with fertilization that’s what scientists say.

Stranger :    No not at all. It’s not a human being until it comes outside. Do you know any science at all?

Me           :       Yes! but do you know the heart begins to beat by 3 weeks and 1 day. The child has a heartbeat, it has brain, kidneys all internal organs. It’s a living breathing human being. And abortion kills a human being.

Stranger :         No it’s not. You say you’re helping women but if you’re really concerned about women you should be volunteering in a women’s shelter. Or else you should promote IUD’s. You must be here handing out brochures about IUD’s and contraception so that there are fewer abortions. but you’re a hypocrite. you’re trying to make women feel bad about themselves. And we had to have wonderful people like this (pointing Planned Parenthood) to protect women from guys like you.

Me          :    Am sorry but contraception increases abortion. That’s what the research says. Planned Parenthood gives cheap contraception and forms a clientele which brings them back for abortion. This is an age old tactic. Do you know Abby Johnson? The former Director of Planned Parenthood? if you don’t know her you should read about her. And for your information  Planned Parenthood offers only  abortion. It does not even show the ultrasound to the women.

Stranger :    Yes they do. they offer all services. why should the women see ultrasound? they’re here for abortion.

Me     :    Don’t you think women have the right to know all the information before making a decision? She pays for a service and you say she doesn’t have to see her own ultrasound? Planned Parenthood does not give any information on adoption. All they care about is money. They even sell the body parts of the babies. You don’t seem to know their business model.

Stranger :    No. That’s not true.

Me           :    Unfortunately that is true. If Planned Parenthood exists for 99 years then why is the abortion rates increasing? If they’re providing  quality contraception services why there is such huge rates of abortion? Why couldn’t they end unplanned pregnancy?

Stranger :    Because of population growth. Because of people like you who don’t let them work. I pay people like them (Planned Parenthood) to do what they’re doing and people like you do nothing but cause trouble. If you’re really concerned about abortion rates promote IUD and condoms. We don’t need poor people. Why should a child be born if it has to live in poverty?

Me         :    So you’re saying poor people should be killed? You talk exactly like Margaret Sanger the racist who founded Planned Parenthood. How can you say only certain people can be alive and be born? Isn’t that wrong?

Stranger :   No. they’re helping women with their choice. Its legal. All you do is imposing your beliefs and make things difficult. If you really want fewer abortion then you have to promote contraception. Come on…

Me         :    No. I can’t. I don’t believe in IUD’s and condoms. Do you know the rate of cancer due to pills and chemical contraceptives? How IUD damages and even causes death in some women?

Stranger :    No you can’t speak based on single instances. people die of accidents, you can’t count individual cases. why can’t you promote IUD. It just stops the implantation from happening.

Me         :    I can only speak in terms of my faith. I believe life begins at conception, human being is made in the image of God and IUD is like preventing a natural course causing an early abortion.

Stranger :    no! it’s just like you’re having your periods. what happens when you have an unfertilized egg? it sheds off and you bleed. because implantation hasn’t occurred. IUD works just like that . So you take antibiotics when you get sick. aren’t you stopping a natural course of action now?

Me          :   Are you trying to compare human beings to bacteria? (chuckles) human beings are not parasite.

Stranger :    So don’t you use contraception?

Me           :   No . I don’t. I practice my faith and everything is based on that.

Stranger :    what is your faith? you’re a christian?

Me            :     Am a catholic

Stranger :    Oh! the pedophiles. those who say we don’t want to marry and who abuse children?

Me      :    yeah pedophiles are everywhere. In holywood, in planned parenthood…wherever human beings are there are pedophiles. No groups are free from mistakes. Just like Planned Parenthood which says they care for women but betray them and coerce them into abortion and sell the body parts of the babies.

Stranger :    so you are now dictating how people should have sex. who are you to say how i should seek pleasure. Where’s your f****ing God? there’s so much misery in this world and people are dying daily what’s your f****ing God doing about it?

Me        :    Well why is God suddenly responsible for all the miseries? We’ve been given freedom/free will and it’s human beings who messed up. that’s what history says.

Stranger :    My niece is 3 years old. He has cancer. So what did he do? how did he mess up?

Me         :     Well it can’t be his fault but he’s been affected by someone else’s actions. You can’t have just an instant answer for all suffering.

Stranger :    Why did your f****ing God give me appendices and an ugly eyes?

Me            :     (in my mind….well, you look good to me) smile

Stranger :   Even I love to see fewer abortions. Maybe we can agree on that right?

Me            :     Yes. No abortion. Zero.

Stranger :    Well then let’s promote contraception

Me            :     No.

Stranger :    why not. why not condoms IUD

Me        :     what’s the difference between human beings and animals? Human beings have higher sense. they know how to control their actions and behavior unlike animals. A dog acts on impulses. condoms makes human beings like dogs. besides condoms are not 100% protective.

Stranger :    So you say one should have sex only to reproduce?

Me            :     Yes. Sex is for marriage and babies.

Stranger :    So you are trying to dictate people’s sex life. Whoa….what bothers you if i say i don’t want a female in my life and i would just go mastrubating?

Me        :      I am not here controlling how people should be. I am not informing anyone about how they should have sex. Am here to offer them help when things mess up for them. I practice my faith and this is how i do things but i never dictate my belief on you. I give my opinion when people ask for it.

Stranger :    Nobody wants you here

Me            :     Yes they do.

Stranger :    look all those southern states. your catholic states, where they used to have 10-12 kids. now they have only 2. so do you say they don’t use contraception ?

Me            :     they do. but they’re not supposed to.

Stranger :    so what do you propose to end abortion if not contraception? you say people shouldn’t have sex?

Me           :     Natural Family Planning. if you ask me that’s what i would say. that’s what I practice. condom culture will promote abortion.

Stranger :    would you agree if I say you should only eat oats everyday because that’s the only thing healthy for you? why do you have delicious meal? because it’s a pleasure. so why do you say how i have to have sex? i seek pleasure in the way i want to. See how hypocrite you are. what you do is not going to stop abortion. If you want fewer abortions,you should promote contraception. Go and do some reading. And when you promote contraception call me in. I will come here and stand with you to help women. (checks mobile for time)

Me          :     Everything is not about pleasure. Well i will definitely look into the statistics you mentioned. But I will have to respectfully disagree with you that contraception won’t end abortion.  See you!


We need to realize that a society in which contraceptives are widely used is going to have a very difficult time keeping free of abortions since the lifestyles and attitudes that contraception fosters create an alleged “need” for abortion. – Janet Smith


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The infamous side of the Indian Immigrants

The Indian immigrants are often stereotyped  as being ‘nice’, ‘techie’, ‘smart’, hard working computer gurus. Specially known for spicy food, bollywood dance, a tolerant next door neighbor who makes sure their kids have everything, working their butt off for a four digit salary only to go back to India once in awhile to show off their new western lifestyle while spontaneously bad mouthing westerners.

Not many of you know about the Indians who are pathetic color driven racist population who would love to associate themselves with any other social groups considered to be holding higher power in the social stratum. Not many of you know about the career obsessed, avaricious, stringent Indians whose male population still accept dowry. However Indians in India have a very different view about Indians abroad. It’s often a mix of pride and jealousy. But there’s a creepy side to the Indian diaspora that everyone should know. Let me give you a glimpse of this special group and how they make money which none of the media will let you know. Not the NDTV or the The Hindu, neither the Indian Express nor India Today.

Thanks to the blessing of being jobless which provided me with the time and opportunity to go through the most wrongful cases of 983 records and filter the worst of worst Indian doctors overseas to present to you here:

Naresh Kumar Patel

Dr.Naresh Kumar Patel

The first place goes to Dr.NareshKumar Patel. Dr.Naresh is known for rape, sodomizing his patients, prescribing abortion drugs to women who weren’t pregnant and dumping aborted babies and body parts near his clinic. According to LifesiteNews Patel made $1.4 million annually and his net worth is $28 million. You guys never really knew how some Indians abroad made money right? well there’s more to the story which will be different to hear from one of his victims herself presented in the video below and checkout her letter to Dr. Patel : here

Savita Ginde

No.2 in the list is the most infamous Dr.Savita Ginde who was caught in the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal. If you’re an Indian and you feel so proud about all the Indian doctors I would like to introduce you to Dr.Savita Ginde who is based in Colorado. Dr. Ginde works for Planned Parenthood America’s largest abortion provider, the organization which makes money by cheating women to think their child is a threat to them and ultimately killing them would give all the freedom and comfort a woman can have. The Rocky Mountain clinic in which Dr.Ginde works does 10,000 abortions per year and is also involved in selling the body parts of the babies that are aborted. Let me give you the numbers.  PP charges $500/abortion, $500 for anesthesia and gets profit of $50-$75 per body part of the baby. And when I mean body parts it’s a long list of the baby’s organs like eyes, gonads, liver, heart, neural tissue, kidneys and so on. Dr. Ginde makes $300,000 per year. That’s much more than a software manager with a 20 years of experience working 60 hrs/week can make. The Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountains was best known for performing abortion on a 13 yr old teen who was sexually abused by her step father himself whose rape they covered by providing abortion to the child and send her away with the rapist. I bet Savita did not make headlines in India because they were busy gathering the pearls of wisdom from Kaitlyn Jenner.

 Vikram Kaji

I am so burdened by now to realize the monstrosity of evil that my fellow Indian men have begotten. Not that I’ve completely gone blind to the beauty of the diverse nation which has fought it’s british conquerors through Ahimsa/non-violence, but the reality is so hard to face that these true accounts never made it to people’s knowledge and just slipped through the millions of pages in internet. Shockingly i’ve reached only a quarter of my blog post and I already see a pool of innocent blood for which a group of Indians are responsible.

Vikram Hiralal Kaji from Bombay is one among the list. An abortionist and a convicted sex offender operating clinics in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The list  of his offence goes on to include harassing patients, having sex with one young underage girl who happens to be the victim of child sex abuse suffering from depression in the birthing center of his office during business hours, misprescribing medications which resulted in losing his controlled substance license, forced abortion, history of severe disciplinary actions including licence revocations and suspensions. The New York Medical Board made sure Kaji cannot practice in NY and revoked his license  for ‘sexual misconduct and drug abuse’. It’s funny to hear from an abortionist who also happen to be a sex offender to say that the abortion clinic is an unhappy place and nobody is happy performing the abortions.

Vinod and Vijayalakshmi Goyal

_RCU0KJTP0No.4 in the list are the Goyals  who owned seven abortion clinics  in Illinois, one of which is closed permanently. The husband and wife team of abortionists, Vinod Goyal and Vijay Lakshmi Goyal as the name suggests clearly of their Indian roots, graduates of Government Medical College of Punjabi University, Patiala have a dark history of license restrictions, insurance frauds and disciplinary actions from State including nine malpractice lawsuits against them. The couples made huge amount of money considering the fact that they owned more than one surgical abortion facility. However they couldn’t withstand in their bloody  business due to active prayer and sidewalk advocacy campaigns organized by local pro-life groups mainly Prolife Action League. The details doesn’t stop here. There are two more Indians who belong to this team of abortionists. Dr. Nisha Goyal Patel, obviously a family member and Dr. Sampath K Chennamaneni . Dr. Sampath is a native of Warangal, Andhra Pradesh in India, a graduate of Karnataka Medical College.

Yogendra Shah

Meet the man who wants the pro-life people outside his clinic to die and whose clinic has done more than 100,000 abortions in 27 years of its existence in the Granite City, in southwest Illinois. Notorious abortionist Yogendra Shah is not only known for botched abortion which puts the life of a woman at risk while performing the procedure but, also well known for trying to run down a pro-life minister in front of the clinic. This is the infamous clinic where ‘clinic escorts’ attacked pro-life people, even children as young as 9 yr old. This is the same clinic that performed abortion on a 15 yr old teen who was being abused for a  year. The video above shows the record of 911 call of Yogendra Shah’s botched abortion.

Ashutosh Ron Virmani


Remember that I’ve mentioned previously about the ‘racist‘ mentality of Indian population who blabbermouth about white supremacy? Well here’s my evidence. Dr.Virmani who holds medical licence in Newark, NJ, PA and NC is not just an abortionist but a racist and a sex offender.  When the pro-life activists of Operation Save America confronted Dr.Virmani about abortions He says: ““I as a taxpayer do not wish for those babies to be born, and brought up, and kill those people in Colorado, Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.” Well Dr. Virmani has one clear reason to be an abortionist, to exterminate a group of people which we call genocide. Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, responded: “Excuse me?  It’s all too obvious that he has a particular disgust for black babies and therefore has no problems killing them.” Gardner continued: “The black community should be outraged because Ashutosh Virmani is a brazen racist and his statement supports what we already know of the billion dollar abortion industry–black babies are targeted because they are seen as poor, worthless and maybe even ‘ugly. The video which went viral has been removed however here’s the audio source.

Delhi Thweatt

Add a mother’s death to the additional hundreds of babies who were aborted by Dr. Delhi Thweatt and a malpractice suit while working for Planned Parenthood, Maryland. Could someone perform an abortion but do not obtain the dead child out of the uterus while doing a suction curettage procedure? Well it seems possible for Dr. Delhi.

Dr.Delhi, who worked for PP then failed to provide proper care for Viki Jackson who had an ectopic pregnancy rather, served her in PP’s popular way ‘Care no matter what‘ by doing an imaginary abortion procedure for which she was charged and sent home with serious injuries. And please note that Planned Parenthood charges $500 per abortion. Also nothing can bring back dead kelly back who was only 32 yrs old and 8 weeks pregnant when she came all the way from Vermont to Pennsylvania only to lose her life to the negligence of Dr.Delhi.

Sujatha Prabhakaran 


Dr. Sujatha Prabhakaran is the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida based in Sarasota, FL. Please don’t ask me about the money that can pour in for someone in this position, it’s way beyond six digits. Sujatha works for the organization which is America’s largest abortion giant, the organization that gives quotas to it’s workers to achieve, just like any other business firm. The only thing you might not like to hear or even gets to boil your blood is that with this organization the quotas is with respect to no. of abortions, i.e no. of death to an unborn child wins them more monetary benefits. no. of women they can betray into getting an abortion gives them higher compensation. She states that her goal is to “work towards making abortion and reproductive health care not only less taboo in our society but an accepted part of health care.”

Sheo P Sharma

A graduate from Bihar, India with 9 malpractice claims, Sharma is also responsible for a death of a new born and causing permanent damage while performing an abortion which resulted in uterine and bladder perforation . The patient had to undergo additional correctional surgeries and repeated blood transfusion due to his negligence.  He also left sponge, plastic and debris in the abdomen of another woman on whom he operated which caused her the removal of her uterus, fallopian tubes and small bowel.

Well it’s not over. The list goes on to include Fazal Mehmood Manejwala who performed abortion on a minor without parental consent, Nalini Obilisundar Morris from Tirupur, Madras who works for Planned Parenthood in Ohio which is famous for botched abortions, illegal body part sales, covering the child sex abuse of minors and involving in  genocide of African Americans, Prabhavathy Nama an alumni of JSS Medical College, Bangalore, India, Rupa Dilip Kumar Patel, Bhavik Kumar,Zhara Noorulla Virani, Namita Kattal a graduate of AIIMS, Delhi, Vikram Kothandaraman from Madras, now Chennai a graduate of Chengalpattu Medical College and Rameet Harpal Singh who works for UNM Center for Reproductive Health a center known for botched abortion as the evidence given below.

 There are many more out there and I might need another ten shots of caffeine to go through the trauma of gathering all these information only to know that Indians have no organized effort to fight the evil of institutionalized murder of unborn children not just abroad but even in India. If any of you are going to blame the sex selective abortions in India to the lack of education, well I got to remind you that the people we are dealing with right now are not just literates but, highly technical literates in science, specially in the field of Medicine who perform and promote death of innocent children and comfortably call it ‘abortion care’.

After all those centuries of fight against  Sati (bride burning), dowry, child marriage, Untouchability, sex selective abortions it seems we are moving backwards to a dangerous zone of culture of death which is dominated by ideologies of consumerism, false notion of freedom, a flawed interpretation of feminism and ultimately a distorted view of life and human person.

While everyone is going crazy about british airlines not knowing Sachin Tendulkar’s full name, there are hundreds of innocent children dismembered inside the womb by doctors like Savita Ginde who makes her living by selling the body parts of aborted babies. Do we have any Indians outraged by this heinous crime?

 when counseling a young man whose unfaithful wife has become pregnant, he (Mahatma Gandhi) stated that it is “clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime,”

and that it is “the sacred duty of the husband to bring up the baby with all the love and tenderness that he is capable of and to refuse to yield to the counsels of [those who recommend abortion].”


127: 1,354,824,500

127 dead in Paris attack and the world goes crazy. Facebook is filled with profile pictures saying “Pray for Paris” standing with Paris, cover photos changed to show solidarity with Paris. Really? Let me explain why this seems a joke to me. Not that the hypocrisy of people who don’t even know about ISIS or care about their ideological war and jihad who all of a sudden seem to care about the few hundreds dead in the terrorist attack but mainly because they don’t really have a stand on what ISLAM is and what JIHAD is and what religious freedom is or what standing for faith is or what liberty is. All they know is to change their profile picture because that’s how facebook is schooling them unconsciously.

How do you feel about the ratio 127: 1,354,824,500 ? I bet you cannot make a guess. This is the number of people dead in ISIS attacks in Paris to number of people dead by the silent war on women in the name of CHOICE. Just like ISIS is a false ideology claiming that Allah wants people dead and suffering, the false notion of choice indoctrinates women to think that a child is a threat to their freedom, a child is an obstacle to their dream, a child is an inconvenience in their life and ultimately a child is a enemy to its mother. Sounds absurd? In same way as it sounds absurd when someone says Allah the God Almighty wants people whom He created and loved wants death and destruction.

A few hundreds killed in Paris and the social media goes insane. Where’s outrage for the massacre of 1,354,824,500 people ? (don’t rely on this number because the numbers are increasing every second. so by the time you read this add few hundreds to it) I am not against praying for Paris. Yes, Paris needs our support and prayers but it seems to me quite hypocritical to ignore the massive population murdered and women betrayed and no outrage for them. The clinic I go to sidewalk counsel kills 11,000 unborn children annually, the country I came from has 20 million girl children lost to sex selective abortions and forget about the innocents in China, a whole one child policy mess against mankind and US has lost 58 million since Roe Vs Wade. Where’s the outrage?

ISIS justifies killing people in the name of Allah just like Planned Parenthood spreads its lie that the unborn child is not a human person. Everyone seems to be ok with this silent massacre which happens inside four walls in the mother’s womb, with the consent of poor women betrayed by those who suck their dollars taking full advantage of their situation and preying on their fear. Shouldn’t we be outraged by this too? Because, Abortion is a war on women, children and family. But the kind of war whose victims never make headlines.

“The so-called right to abortion has pitted mothers against their children and women against men. It has sown violence and discord at the heart of the most intimate human relationships. It has aggravated the derogation of the father’s role in an increasingly fatherless society. It has portrayed the greatest of gifts–a child–as a competitor, an intrusion and an inconvenience. It has nominally accorded mothers unfettered dominion over the dependent lives of their physically dependent sons and daughters. And, in granting this unconscionable power, it has exposed many women to unjust and selfish demands from their husbands or other sexual partners.I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is ‘Abortion’, because it is a war against the child… A direct killing of the innocent child..”
― Blessed. Mother Teresa

How I met John Paul


This is the most unforgettable encounter of a lifetime. A total shift of paradigm takes place when she stops to listen to me as I fearfully approach her to give the brochure and explain about the services that are available for women and their unborn children. Mr.M always used to tell how I will have this one of a kind experience because I was getting annoyed with myself as I couldn’t get a women to stop by and listen to the good news that can save the dignity and life of two human beings.

That morning here she was, terrified and clueless. One can say she didn’t want to step into the abortion clinic just by her demeanor. I couldn’t believe myself that she stopped to listen to me and was willing to look out for other options. I felt a sudden rush of hormones however I tried my best to stay calm and give her the information as well as tried to get information from her so I can help her in a better way. We spoke for five minutes however she decided to go inside the clinic and have the abortion. We parted with hugs and I promised to pray for her. After 4 hours when we were about to leave the place, she comes walking right into me. I asked how she felt and she told me she couldn’t undergo abortion and had to reschedule it because she had had her breakfast. This wasn’t the only reason. Planned Parenthood demanded an additional $500 if she had to go through the procedure with anesthesia. Oh how happy I was. She even felt this might be a sign from God and she will consider other options. However things did not stop there. We took her to The Sister’s of Life who welcome and serve women facing crisis pregnancy and help with housing, rent, schooling, medical and almost anything that would help a mother choose life.


The struggle began. The Sisters spoke to her about all the help and support available for her to make an informed decision. Things felt positive. The arrangements for the young lady to have a pre-natal check up and follow up with other services began. However there was something missing and it just didn’t feel right. She wasn’t happy or excited in knowing about the help available that will not only save a life or prevent her from the hurt of abortion but also that will keep her dreams intact. A week passed by and she informed she’s going to have an abortion. She took a bus from place A to place B which was 3 hours with a confused heart. She wasn’t responding to messages and calls. And that’s when I knew things are falling apart.

After a long sleepless night of waiting for sign of hope and preparing gifts for her I reached the clinic by 7 am surprised to be met by Sisters who were there already praying and expecting a call or a message from her. I informed her that I was waiting in front of the clinic and asked her to get the gift I had bought for her before she gets into the abortion facility. I was hoping to trigger her maternal instincts with those cute little baby gifts. All of a sudden the Sisters receive a call from her so they rush to meet her even before she steps into the block to avoid any further temptation. A group meanwhile pleads God as they meet up with her and joy fills the place as we anticipate this as a life saved. However our joy was quick lived. We were informed that she had changed her mind again and is walking towards the clinic. There i meet her with a feeling i’ve never felt before.


She said she wanted to go through with it. She saw a crowd of 60 people praying on the opposite side, crossed the lane walked past by them and met with me to thank me for the gift and apologized. I didn’t know what more I could do to stop her from this terrible hurt. Though I was dumb as ever, I told her I wanted to whisper in her ears so her baby can hear what I was going to say.

She bent down and there into her ears I spoke to John Paul: “I baptize you in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, may you know that many of us fought very hard for you, and love you so much. We want you to know you are very much loved. And when you reach heaven please forgive your mother and watch over her!” .She hugged me and went inside and there I was standing at the feet of the cross to see the innocent Christ being dragged along to be crucified. I felt helpless,hurt, angry and confused.

I will never forget this encounter with dear little John Paul who was 14 weeks old. The only thing I was able to do was to speak to the child of the love of few people whose life he/she touched even before being born and to name him. Because he/she was not a random product of careless sexual experience only to be discarded into the garbage. His existence had an essence, his presence had a purpose. As Pope Benedict says it “ Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary.” and little John Paul was the Christ I met at the sidewalk. Because:

“Every child that isn’t born, but is unjustly condemned to be aborted, has the face of Jesus Christ, has the face of the Lord.”

                 – Pope Francis

The Love Note

noteThe temperature is  dropping down to 50 F ,however it feels well below 50. Even with a minimum of three layer clothing one could feel the chill. Not because of the dropping temperature but because being in the most coldest place in the planet. The eerie place of all where the value of human life has no meaning except for the dollars it can gain, provided the body parts of the innocent dead fetus’ are intact.

Standing there I wait for a chance to speak to women getting into the abortion facility. This is the toughest endeavor of my life, because this is a place where compassion reigns over skills and kindness over techniques. There’s literally 20-40 seconds to approach a women and make her feel comfortable to stop and get a pamphlet. But what’s even more challenging is that to get her to stop for a minute for additional conversation. These are the few seconds you have to communicate acceptance, understanding, kindness and to gain trust. I hear you guys, a real challenge right. May be just for me. I bet there are many others who have a natural charisma to handle these situations very well. Like one of the sidewalk counselor I work with. I researched on how to approach these women and found testimonies about personal notes being helpful in reaching out to them.

Gift bags with 10 week old baby models for women vulnerable to abortion
Gift bags with 10 week old baby models for women vulnerable to abortion

So the day before Sidewalk Counseling I sit down to write personal notes and stuck them to every single pamphlet I was going to give. I worked on 20 pamphlets and I handed almost 16 of them in 2 days. I wondered why I didn’t get a call or a text and was fighting back discouragement. I wrote additional notes and prepared myself for next week. Still no answer. Another 3 weeks passes by and still nothing. Probably I was made to wait in order to learn to be unconditional. As. Bl.Mother Teresa of Calcutta says, “God does not require that we be successful, only that we be faithful”. I pray that during times of discouragement, annoyance and shame I still stick on to this to learn to love these vulnerable women and their innocent martyrs no matter what. No matter they agree to take the pamphlet or decide to throw it on my face (uh  uh… not so fun on the spot), no matter they call or choose not to, no matter they agree to talk about additional options or go on with abortion. I’ll have to still keep writing these love notes to them, because this is the only way I can communicate God’s unconditional love for them.

I would very much give a big hug to each and every sidewalk counselor who faces sun and storm, wind and cold, curse and blessing to be at the sidewalk who does little things, make little sacrifices, takes minor annoyances because, the sidewalk has taught me that

“A little thing is a little thing, but FAITHFULNESS in little things is a great thing”

                 – James Hudson Taylor