Picture 5 – Rape


Most of them I meet at sidewalk and online come up with this argument regarding Abortion: So what if the woman was raped? Should she be forced to carry the ‘rape child’? She will have to live the trauma of rape every time seeing the child and She wasn’t ready for it. My question to them mostly starts like this:

  1. Did the child rape? Wasn’t the child victim as the mother ?
  2. How does punishing the child bring justice and healing to the woman?
  3. If the child is robbed of it’s dignity because of being conceived in rape how can then we expect others in society to treat the women who was raped with dignity?

You cannot restore the dignity of woman who was traumatized by rape without accepting the child conceived in the same situation, victimized just as her, most of the time scape goated  in the place of rapist to be violently torn from womb and negated of a chance to live. Mahatma Gandhi advocates bringing up the child conceived out of infidelity because hurting the child will never heal anyone nor appease her anger and never will unrape her. Her healing depends on her acceptance of the child. If not convinced meet Rebecca Keisling of Save the 1.

And this is how instagram community responds:


Power of Picture 2


Posted this on instagram and guess who stopped by???? A Writer of Indian origin from New York .

Anupama Sharma please keep your New York Feminism trash for yourselves, Indian women do not need anymore of the western fake feminism which is nothing but baby killing. We need true empowerment that comes only out of ahimsa and charity. Do not poison our nation and steal our womanhood. Our woman have all right to be a Mother and have everything that requires to execute the job in its perfect essence.

#Reclaimmotherhood #stopabortioninindia #Jaihind



Hello India!

In the wake of Supreme Court having given consent to the 14 year old child to abort her 6 month old child in the womb it is very important that people get different perspectives of the same issue. The pain of the mother who is also a child will not be undermined because of discussing the pain of the child inside the womb. The mother is as precious as the child and the child is as victim as the mother herself. It should be noted here that the perpetrator was totally out of scene and the whole situation is seen from the point of view that that child somehow is the offender. A few questions to ponder :

What happened to the perpetrator ? Was he punished? if so, how?

What happens to the little “mother” who undergoes abortion which is again a violence not to forget?

Did killing the child in the womb serve justice? If so then in what way?

Will the little Mother be happy with her decision to abort her own child?

Did the child commit the crime or the doctor ? who medicated, abused and threatened the girl?

The dawn of “pro-choice” movement in India should be an alarm to everyone. For it not just robs the reality but creates a distorted image of reality. The truth is Abortion will not serve her justice. If so called self proclaimed feminists and liberals think so, then you are already deluded. Studies show that Women who have been raped do choose life, they do not regret not having aborted their child and those who had abortions did regret them because Abortion to a rape victim is like answering violence with violence. And in both ways she’s again a victim.


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