Picture 5 – Rape


Most of them I meet at sidewalk and online come up with this argument regarding Abortion: So what if the woman was raped? Should she be forced to carry the ‘rape child’? She will have to live the trauma of rape every time seeing the child and She wasn’t ready for it. My question to them mostly starts like this:

  1. Did the child rape? Wasn’t the child victim as the mother ?
  2. How does punishing the child bring justice and healing to the woman?
  3. If the child is robbed of it’s dignity because of being conceived in rape how can then we expect others in society to treat the women who was raped with dignity?

You cannot restore the dignity of woman who was traumatized by rape without accepting the child conceived in the same situation, victimized just as her, most of the time scape goated  in the place of rapist to be violently torn from womb and negated of a chance to live. Mahatma Gandhi advocates bringing up the child conceived out of infidelity because hurting the child will never heal anyone nor appease her anger and never will unrape her. Her healing depends on her acceptance of the child. If not convinced meet Rebecca Keisling of Save the 1.

And this is how instagram community responds:


Pro Life challenge- INDIA

When I talk to people in India about Pro Life issues, I am often caught up in a whirlpool of confusion. They think the west is the worse. Only western women drink and hook up and do abortions. Excuse me. There’s something worse happening in our Motherland.Yes, abortions are happening in India in massive scale. 6.4 million abortion in a year. Evidence? Here you go, from the devil’s mouth :


and massive ethnic cleansing is also happening with the government’s cooperation. How ridiculous am I to say that? Because I have evidence. 4 million sterilization and 5 million IUD insertions done by government and it’s mentioned as “Performance” in the Health Management Information System website of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India. here you go:


not my own statistics, not my own numbers. From the enemy’s den. What’s happening to my country? Who are behind this? Why are they doing this to my people? After 100 years of British colonization is there another 70 years of American cultural imperialism imposed over my people? Is this about Eugenics? Look at the CEO’s of the top companies and look at the massive population control propaganda, any link?

12829510_10153293696530974_480340900011244634_o And amidst all this, my people don’t know the concept of “Pro Life”. They know Breaking Bad, 50 shades of grey, they seem to follow American Idol, Golden Globe awards, they seem to know about Ellen and Big Bang Theory, Wife Swap, Modern Family, they watch 24, confession but they are completely unaware of March for Life , David Daleiden , Planned Parenthood. Eugenics? Sorry they have not even heard of the word before, Genocide? Nope, sorry-they need a seminar on this, Ok talk about China’s one child policy, because they are India’s neighboring country with troubled relationship? Still no. Fine, how about the Emergency period of India declared in 1970’s, it’s our history, the history of the nation? still NO.

The Indians young and old are immersed in the rush to finish school, get a job, repay loan and buy a house. Once they buy a house take a picture and post in facebook to inform others of their status quo and seeing this ten others will run around to buy a better house and post it in facebook. And by this time another 4 million children will be aborted and 5 million women used as experiment subjects for massive contraception test for United States. We have an urgent need to capture the attention of this ever rushing population to speak for their innocent neighbors slaughtered in the womb. There’s a huge cultural gap. While the Pro Choice ideals cross countries and barriers and found its place in India Pro-Life issues has no voice. The Media blacked out everything. No coverage for March for Life, No coverage for Planned Parenthood Baby Parts scandal. So when I say Pro Life, they stare at me and wonder what on earth am I talking about. To the little known friends I beg to get involved in any small way they can, as simple as posting in fb, make videos, at least share stuff, I requested great Prolife leaders to speak on behalf of India, wrote to pro life media,  requested priests in India to speak out but they weren’t ready either.

So I took things in my hand. I will communicate to my people in the way they can understand. No more western images, western quotes, western ideology. We have Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi the two most terrifying Pro Life leaders who are Pro Life without exceptions and have been outspoken about abortion and dignity of human life, I have my own camera,saree and baby models. I’ll use social media to present the truth and help them connect the dots, and the Almighty will use them to convert hearts.



Instagram is exploding with reactions, conversations and conversion and am having quite a bit of fun sitting and witnessing what it means to “Be still and know that I am God.” Anyone who know 5 loaves and two fish parable knows that nothing is too small or too weak to be used for the greater glory of God. I began with Mr.M as a feeble indian woman reluctant to talk to people and now I  get cursed at least twice a day for speaking truth and keep presenting them with LOVE. #StopabortioninIndia ! Jai Hind!

The Greatness of Smallness

I have been doing Sidewalk counseling for the past eight months and I’ve never had what they call ‘a save’. I’ve never encountered drama, I’ve never been heroic, I’ve never had any eye-opening experience. I’ve never spoken to any women other than one single mother who eventually gave in to despair and went ahead with the abortion. I stand there among awesome people who work for God tirelessly saving a soul a week from abortion. Like Mr. M. Sometimes it’s disheartening. But that’s the work of devil. However I cannot say I’ve never really made an impact.

A lot of times I used to feel ashamed of looking at the sub-normal level of my role at the sidewalk and wonder what in the world am I doing here, doing nothing. I was always afraid of being insignificant and not making a difference, of not just failing but being average. I always felt uneasy with my presumption of people’s expectations of how I would be at the Sidewalk. I had thoughts about people mocking at me to consider it was ridiculous for me to think of becoming a Sidewalk Counselor.  If you have had moments as these better don’t let them stop you from standing up for the unborn, the dying, the terminally ill, the abused or the vulnerable; because, we share something fascinating and you will understand the greatness of smallness by the end of this post.

Everyone must have had an idea about the jewish holocaust. The monstrosity of evil couldn’t triumph over good and it was the great time of sanctity, sainthood and stout heartedness. Saints made best use of this time to show their love for God and neighbor. But among the 2579 catholic clergymen who were imprisoned in Dachau concentration camp Fr. Karl Leisner wants to tell us something very profound.

Dachau concentration camp was the result of deep hatred Nazi’s had towards the Church and a strong evidence that World War II was not a political event but a spiritual one. I would love to look at your face when I tell you that there was Holy Sacrifice of Mass and secret ordinations happening in the middle of a concentration camp among all the intensity of agony. Smuggling flowers for the altar and passing secret messages of prayer times, having a person to look out while singing hymns and breaking bread. Satan would have felt a terrible blow right on the face while looking at people making vestments secretly managing to find altar cloths, rusted old table and bringing hosts. Everything at the cost of immediate death or torture. How on earth would someone smuggle flowers for Mass when they knew they would be shot? isn’t that small thing look great now? Letting go of one’s life while picking flowers for Holy Mass where Christ would be present in body, blood,soul and divinity for others amidst the horrors unleashed by evil forces. And now it makes sense when St. John of the Cross said: At the end of the day we will be judged on love alone”.

In the middle of the institutionalized and widely accepted and celebrated human torture was a day of complete magnificence in Dachau. A secret ordination for Fr. Karl Leisner. A taste of heaven in hell. Fr.Karl was suffering from tuberculosis while he was in camp and lost hope of being ordained. During this time  Msgr. Gabriel Piquet, Bishop of Clermont-Ferrand in France was transferred from the Natzweiler concentration camp in Alsace to Dachau. He worked along with Cardinal Faulhaber and the Bishop of Muenster and the arrangements for ordination began. Father Karl celebrated his first Mass on Dec. 26 — the feast of St. Stephen the Martyr, but it was the only Mass he would ever celebrate. He died in a sanatorium in few months after Dachau was liberated. Now does this one Mass look small, tiny, meager or trivial or does it look great and glorious? Fr. Karl was beatified by Pope St. John Paul II. How about that !                                                                          

We have to remember that “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – vincent van gogh. We don’t have to be or become great. The essence is in littleness. The only third woman b8890a28dc0a2139138607cc656d104eto become the Doctor of the Church revolutionized spirituality with this concept. Because the perspective of God is so different from the way we see and measure things. While organizations can go flurry over how many saves they had, how many turnarounds they achieved only God can see how much love you carry in your heart to try and do something for these little ones. While numbers serve great purpose and can be used to encourage people, no one should lose spirit because they couldn’t make statistics. let me tell you that sometimes the littlest  things take up the most room in your heart. Winnie the Pooh didn’t say it but St. Therese of Lisieux did. God can see through you and again sorry but i’ll have to quote her again: “You know well enough that Our Lord does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, nor even at their difficulty, but at the love with which we do them.” -Saint Therese of Lisieux

So never be afraid to be little, do little, it is the Love that matters most. So next time you see or hear someone being low in spirits because their actions weren’t supposedly great or dramatic or the outcome of their efforts weren’t huge or brilliant or that no woman changed her mind from abortion or no child was saved or no worker left the abortion clinic or no souls converted tell them that still it looks great in sight of God. Because even we adults would naturally be carried away by how a child shows it’s love and there’s no doubt God will be pleased by our little effort and who knows He might be going around saying “oh look what my child did today!” in a proud fashion of a father and His grace will make impossible things possible. The more we are little the more God can work through us. Because at the end of the day we will be judged on love alone.

And Jesus called a little child to him, and set him in the middle of them,… – Mathew:18

His name is Jonathan

I spotted her as she walks by from a distance, to approach her and to talk about being in this insanely dangerous place. She looks hesitant and rigid. That’s one common body language many women who come down to this place exhibit. I should confess I was rigid myself for some reason. However my complete focus was on getting the information into her hands which might be the last chance for baby jonathan to survive. As she gets close, I understand the reason behind her rigidity and uneasy walk. She has a laminaria inserted and is on her second day of her abortion appointment. So Jonathan must be in second trimester. I gave her the pamphlet and asked her if she had thought about other options. Her response not only did blow me away but it left me speechless. She answered :

“What do you mean? other than killing my child?” 

Women very well know it’s a child and it’s their child but, how did we get to the point of having a casual talk about the death of a person? As we talk standing on the road what’s happening inside of her is of incredible importance. The baby jonathan (whom I named out of anguish to give acknowledgement and as a witness for his presence on earth) is soaked in poisonous solution probably gasping for breath for hours. Here’s how Jonathan died after I felt hopeless and shameful to convince the mother of the decision she was about to make.

I still remember the huge belly, the mother’s eyes, her ignorance mind blowing, very young probably in early twenties and her haunting statement “What do you mean? other than killing my child?”This happened 5 months ago and I never wanted to rewind the memory of the day to register the event in my blog out of the anger, pain and anguish arising out of the injustice happening in a massive scale. But I have to tell the world about Jonathan, his martyrdom, that he was killed so his mother may live. Jonathan was never given a chance, he was treated like a trash, like filth to be disposed and not interrupt the mother’s life from whatever she was up to.

But Jonathan died in my presence experiencing my love, witnessing my immature fight to save his life, seeing the anguish and longing for him which he never got to get from his own mother, leaving his imprints in my memory and probably even praying for me in heaven watching over me and his own mother. This is the reason I do what I do and am not afraid of doing it. I never experienced labor but I realized that doesn’t make one a mother. I am Jonathan’s Mother. I fought for him, I wished he was alive, I wanted to see him live and love. I am his Mother who gave him the identity and love that his biological mother refused to give.

What happened to Womanhood? Where’s Motherhood?  Will someone talk about this crisis of Motherhood? Women are made alien to the idea of Motherhood to the point of killing their own children, robbing the inherent God given identity of Motherhood. The Crisis is not pregnancy, the real crisis is Motherhood!

The one thing that fulfills Womanhood, i.e, Womanliness in a Woman is Motherhood! – Swami Vivekananda


The infamous side of the Indian Immigrants

The Indian immigrants are often stereotyped  as being ‘nice’, ‘techie’, ‘smart’, hard working computer gurus. Specially known for spicy food, bollywood dance, a tolerant next door neighbor who makes sure their kids have everything, working their butt off for a four digit salary only to go back to India once in awhile to show off their new western lifestyle while spontaneously bad mouthing westerners.

Not many of you know about the Indians who are pathetic color driven racist population who would love to associate themselves with any other social groups considered to be holding higher power in the social stratum. Not many of you know about the career obsessed, avaricious, stringent Indians whose male population still accept dowry. However Indians in India have a very different view about Indians abroad. It’s often a mix of pride and jealousy. But there’s a creepy side to the Indian diaspora that everyone should know. Let me give you a glimpse of this special group and how they make money which none of the media will let you know. Not the NDTV or the The Hindu, neither the Indian Express nor India Today.

Thanks to the blessing of being jobless which provided me with the time and opportunity to go through the most wrongful cases of 983 records and filter the worst of worst Indian doctors overseas to present to you here:

Naresh Kumar Patel

Dr.Naresh Kumar Patel

The first place goes to Dr.NareshKumar Patel. Dr.Naresh is known for rape, sodomizing his patients, prescribing abortion drugs to women who weren’t pregnant and dumping aborted babies and body parts near his clinic. According to LifesiteNews Patel made $1.4 million annually and his net worth is $28 million. You guys never really knew how some Indians abroad made money right? well there’s more to the story which will be different to hear from one of his victims herself presented in the video below and checkout her letter to Dr. Patel : here

Savita Ginde

No.2 in the list is the most infamous Dr.Savita Ginde who was caught in the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal. If you’re an Indian and you feel so proud about all the Indian doctors I would like to introduce you to Dr.Savita Ginde who is based in Colorado. Dr. Ginde works for Planned Parenthood America’s largest abortion provider, the organization which makes money by cheating women to think their child is a threat to them and ultimately killing them would give all the freedom and comfort a woman can have. The Rocky Mountain clinic in which Dr.Ginde works does 10,000 abortions per year and is also involved in selling the body parts of the babies that are aborted. Let me give you the numbers.  PP charges $500/abortion, $500 for anesthesia and gets profit of $50-$75 per body part of the baby. And when I mean body parts it’s a long list of the baby’s organs like eyes, gonads, liver, heart, neural tissue, kidneys and so on. Dr. Ginde makes $300,000 per year. That’s much more than a software manager with a 20 years of experience working 60 hrs/week can make. The Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountains was best known for performing abortion on a 13 yr old teen who was sexually abused by her step father himself whose rape they covered by providing abortion to the child and send her away with the rapist. I bet Savita did not make headlines in India because they were busy gathering the pearls of wisdom from Kaitlyn Jenner.

 Vikram Kaji

I am so burdened by now to realize the monstrosity of evil that my fellow Indian men have begotten. Not that I’ve completely gone blind to the beauty of the diverse nation which has fought it’s british conquerors through Ahimsa/non-violence, but the reality is so hard to face that these true accounts never made it to people’s knowledge and just slipped through the millions of pages in internet. Shockingly i’ve reached only a quarter of my blog post and I already see a pool of innocent blood for which a group of Indians are responsible.

Vikram Hiralal Kaji from Bombay is one among the list. An abortionist and a convicted sex offender operating clinics in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The list  of his offence goes on to include harassing patients, having sex with one young underage girl who happens to be the victim of child sex abuse suffering from depression in the birthing center of his office during business hours, misprescribing medications which resulted in losing his controlled substance license, forced abortion, history of severe disciplinary actions including licence revocations and suspensions. The New York Medical Board made sure Kaji cannot practice in NY and revoked his license  for ‘sexual misconduct and drug abuse’. It’s funny to hear from an abortionist who also happen to be a sex offender to say that the abortion clinic is an unhappy place and nobody is happy performing the abortions.

Vinod and Vijayalakshmi Goyal

_RCU0KJTP0No.4 in the list are the Goyals  who owned seven abortion clinics  in Illinois, one of which is closed permanently. The husband and wife team of abortionists, Vinod Goyal and Vijay Lakshmi Goyal as the name suggests clearly of their Indian roots, graduates of Government Medical College of Punjabi University, Patiala have a dark history of license restrictions, insurance frauds and disciplinary actions from State including nine malpractice lawsuits against them. The couples made huge amount of money considering the fact that they owned more than one surgical abortion facility. However they couldn’t withstand in their bloody  business due to active prayer and sidewalk advocacy campaigns organized by local pro-life groups mainly Prolife Action League. The details doesn’t stop here. There are two more Indians who belong to this team of abortionists. Dr. Nisha Goyal Patel, obviously a family member and Dr. Sampath K Chennamaneni . Dr. Sampath is a native of Warangal, Andhra Pradesh in India, a graduate of Karnataka Medical College.

Yogendra Shah

Meet the man who wants the pro-life people outside his clinic to die and whose clinic has done more than 100,000 abortions in 27 years of its existence in the Granite City, in southwest Illinois. Notorious abortionist Yogendra Shah is not only known for botched abortion which puts the life of a woman at risk while performing the procedure but, also well known for trying to run down a pro-life minister in front of the clinic. This is the infamous clinic where ‘clinic escorts’ attacked pro-life people, even children as young as 9 yr old. This is the same clinic that performed abortion on a 15 yr old teen who was being abused for a  year. The video above shows the record of 911 call of Yogendra Shah’s botched abortion.

Ashutosh Ron Virmani


Remember that I’ve mentioned previously about the ‘racist‘ mentality of Indian population who blabbermouth about white supremacy? Well here’s my evidence. Dr.Virmani who holds medical licence in Newark, NJ, PA and NC is not just an abortionist but a racist and a sex offender.  When the pro-life activists of Operation Save America confronted Dr.Virmani about abortions He says: ““I as a taxpayer do not wish for those babies to be born, and brought up, and kill those people in Colorado, Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.” Well Dr. Virmani has one clear reason to be an abortionist, to exterminate a group of people which we call genocide. Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, responded: “Excuse me?  It’s all too obvious that he has a particular disgust for black babies and therefore has no problems killing them.” Gardner continued: “The black community should be outraged because Ashutosh Virmani is a brazen racist and his statement supports what we already know of the billion dollar abortion industry–black babies are targeted because they are seen as poor, worthless and maybe even ‘ugly. The video which went viral has been removed however here’s the audio source.

Delhi Thweatt

Add a mother’s death to the additional hundreds of babies who were aborted by Dr. Delhi Thweatt and a malpractice suit while working for Planned Parenthood, Maryland. Could someone perform an abortion but do not obtain the dead child out of the uterus while doing a suction curettage procedure? Well it seems possible for Dr. Delhi.

Dr.Delhi, who worked for PP then failed to provide proper care for Viki Jackson who had an ectopic pregnancy rather, served her in PP’s popular way ‘Care no matter what‘ by doing an imaginary abortion procedure for which she was charged and sent home with serious injuries. And please note that Planned Parenthood charges $500 per abortion. Also nothing can bring back dead kelly back who was only 32 yrs old and 8 weeks pregnant when she came all the way from Vermont to Pennsylvania only to lose her life to the negligence of Dr.Delhi.

Sujatha Prabhakaran 


Dr. Sujatha Prabhakaran is the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida based in Sarasota, FL. Please don’t ask me about the money that can pour in for someone in this position, it’s way beyond six digits. Sujatha works for the organization which is America’s largest abortion giant, the organization that gives quotas to it’s workers to achieve, just like any other business firm. The only thing you might not like to hear or even gets to boil your blood is that with this organization the quotas is with respect to no. of abortions, i.e no. of death to an unborn child wins them more monetary benefits. no. of women they can betray into getting an abortion gives them higher compensation. She states that her goal is to “work towards making abortion and reproductive health care not only less taboo in our society but an accepted part of health care.”

Sheo P Sharma

A graduate from Bihar, India with 9 malpractice claims, Sharma is also responsible for a death of a new born and causing permanent damage while performing an abortion which resulted in uterine and bladder perforation . The patient had to undergo additional correctional surgeries and repeated blood transfusion due to his negligence.  He also left sponge, plastic and debris in the abdomen of another woman on whom he operated which caused her the removal of her uterus, fallopian tubes and small bowel.

Well it’s not over. The list goes on to include Fazal Mehmood Manejwala who performed abortion on a minor without parental consent, Nalini Obilisundar Morris from Tirupur, Madras who works for Planned Parenthood in Ohio which is famous for botched abortions, illegal body part sales, covering the child sex abuse of minors and involving in  genocide of African Americans, Prabhavathy Nama an alumni of JSS Medical College, Bangalore, India, Rupa Dilip Kumar Patel, Bhavik Kumar,Zhara Noorulla Virani, Namita Kattal a graduate of AIIMS, Delhi, Vikram Kothandaraman from Madras, now Chennai a graduate of Chengalpattu Medical College and Rameet Harpal Singh who works for UNM Center for Reproductive Health a center known for botched abortion as the evidence given below.

 There are many more out there and I might need another ten shots of caffeine to go through the trauma of gathering all these information only to know that Indians have no organized effort to fight the evil of institutionalized murder of unborn children not just abroad but even in India. If any of you are going to blame the sex selective abortions in India to the lack of education, well I got to remind you that the people we are dealing with right now are not just literates but, highly technical literates in science, specially in the field of Medicine who perform and promote death of innocent children and comfortably call it ‘abortion care’.

After all those centuries of fight against  Sati (bride burning), dowry, child marriage, Untouchability, sex selective abortions it seems we are moving backwards to a dangerous zone of culture of death which is dominated by ideologies of consumerism, false notion of freedom, a flawed interpretation of feminism and ultimately a distorted view of life and human person.

While everyone is going crazy about british airlines not knowing Sachin Tendulkar’s full name, there are hundreds of innocent children dismembered inside the womb by doctors like Savita Ginde who makes her living by selling the body parts of aborted babies. Do we have any Indians outraged by this heinous crime?

 when counseling a young man whose unfaithful wife has become pregnant, he (Mahatma Gandhi) stated that it is “clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime,”

and that it is “the sacred duty of the husband to bring up the baby with all the love and tenderness that he is capable of and to refuse to yield to the counsels of [those who recommend abortion].”


A lone voice…

I have 300+ friends in Facebook, blessed with almost 20+ cousins, am in touch with my school mates and college mates, though am an immigrant to America my husband has a fair amount of contacts living here in States including his kith and kins, I am active in Facebook, in Whats-app and most of all in our Church and diocese, but the interesting fact is that when I post about Abortion in my Facebook page everything comes to standstill. I have fairly had 70 plus likes for my profile picture which I consider least important for the kind of attention I give to my personal appearance however the posts on Abortion, Euthanasia and anything pertaining to culture of Life suffers from lack of attention.

What could be the reason?

Indian folks care less about the real social life.

Being social these days mean the extent to which extrovert you are, the clubs, parties and associations that you spend time with after those hideous over consuming work hours, the frequency of trips to cities and shopping engagements whether you like it or not and the broad range of circle you claim to be friends but whose real joy or sorrow you have no clue of. The so called ‘social’ gatherings always chatter about the new exciting things they have done or would undertake shortly, the material possessions that have been gained with the job they grumble about mostly than being grateful for, chirppings about false appreciations that they really don’t mean but fake for the sake they know not and an ever ending empty conversations of buying a house, traveling, enjoying life etc. So while the air is consumed and chocked by this popular notion of social life let’s think about what this generation is missing. There is another meaning to ‘social life‘ that of or relating to the life, welfare, and relations of human beings in a community:social problems. Where are those kind of conversations about the well being of the family, inquiries about friends difficulty in the past that he has confided, discussions about the upbringing of children, sharing about religion, empathizing with the social problems and queries about politics? The missing element of this generation is  altruism , the concern for the neighbor, the welfare of others. Parents daringly train their offspring in this attitude. So what matters to me if He/She has an abortion, if he/she uses contraception, if he/she is a victim of rape, if he/she decides to euthanize his/her parents. Indians will not openly fight against abortion because they are afraid of being questioned and losing contacts.

The Priorities have changed

The priority of every Indian household is career. . It’s no more family, education or happiness. While the land is known for searching withing self and attaining self realization, Indians now are more geared toward things without, markedly grades and jobs. Indian women value career over marriage and family these days. People care less about spirituality and more about materials. A collective blind run for success  seems to have drugged Indian men and women into an unending race which costs the society in a slow pace whose fruits the country should be ready to reap in next 2 decades. From a culture centered around family India is in a dangerous journey towards independence and self centered narcissism. Indians will not openly fight against abortion because it makes them very uncomfortable to see themselves and their new priorities.

What’s the attitude towards life? Consumerism

The stereotype of Indians being spiritual people can no more be a popular notion. India is ridiculously materialistic. The motto of a typical Indian is ‘work hard and get rich’ . The pursuit of truth, happiness or meaningful life can be scarcely found among Indian household. Parents encourage their children to take up ‘survival of fittest’ philosophy, competition is celebrated and co operation is a long forgotten virtue. Schools enslave children over scores for their marketing and parents enslave children for the same for the sake of boasting. There is no more value for cultivation of virtues, teaching morals or basic concern for humanity.  Indians will not voice out against abortion because they don’t want anything to come on their way of comfortable consumerist life.

Ignorant journey towards choice

Women in India claim not feeling guilty about choosing abortion over career. ‘choice’ is an upcoming poplar term in India. Fairly used by feminists to achieve whatever they demand. The growing thirst for power of women and their ever ending quest for independence cost marriage, family and children. There is no greater difference between need and want. Not only does more number of Indian women want to work but they are encouraged even sometimes forced by their greedy husbands to do so reducing the kind of attention women can intrinsically give to families. With this much rapidly communicable infection of greed India’s cultural foundation is threatened more than ever.  While consumerism gains momentum the value of human life degrades to a much pathetic level. Indians will not fight against abortion because women no more have intrinsic motherhood within them.

I work 5 days a week

So in all this drama centered around “I me myself” the selective meaning Indian population gives to social life is one that of pub, party and social gatherings doing nothing but the same thing expecting different results. Isn’t that madness? To do something again and again but to expect different results? Where does concern for ‘neighbor’ fit in here? Where is the time for the sick friend, the deserted child, the tired maid, the kids on streets, the babies murdered silently in hospitals, the unjust sterilizations, the mass human rights violations, the person hanged by death penalty, the elderly killed in the name of mercy?

With this change in the society and culture here I am open in my stand against the culture of death and in the fight against abortion. I care not who responds, or comes out for discussion or likes or dislikes i keep spreading message about the Sanctity of Life whenever opportunity arises. If you are one like me and wonder why Indians are so silent in social media, let me tell you, they are busy buying stuff and will never dare to stand for a cause. And you will be just like me:

 I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness,”Make straight the way of the Lord”


How many have we lost?

Children vulnerable to abortion are precious and much more special. Well, every life is valuable and has it’s worth for the sole purpose of its existence and being.   It’s because not only do we realize the value of every human life to be worth fighting for, but we also know that these children hold some special gifts that could benefit the world. You may ask what supports our claim. Here are 5 great examples that will get you thinking on what if those children massacred in the abortion facilities could have been saved. What would the world become of them?

1. Celine Dion

Pretty hard to begin talking about this lady whose achievements are quite stunning and jaw dropping. 558 awards and 685 nominations, to be precise12 World Music Awards, 5 Grammy Awards, 10 Billboard Music Awards, 7 American Music Awards, 20 Juno Awards, 43 Félix Awards  and many more. On September 15 2004, Dion received a Diamond Award at the World Music Awards show, for selling over 175 million albums during her career. And why all this should interest a pro-life advocate you, who’s reading this? because Celine has admitted that her mother asked her parish priest if she could have abortion. However the parish priest counseled her to choose life. Celine says. “So I have to admit that in a way, I owe my life to that priest.”

2. Ludwig Van Beethoven

The father spends his evenings out drinking in the taverns. His mother has tuberculosis. She has already given birth to four children. The first child is blind, the second child died, the third child is deaf, and the fourth child has tuberculosis. When the mother of Beethoven did not want the child and attempted to have an abortion, the procedure failed and eventually the world received the best of the symphonies. Almost 27 years prior to his death his hearing capacity deteriorated and by the last decade he was almost deaf, many of his most admired works come from this period. The famous documentary Crescendo which depicts the life of Beethoven won 11 international awards, but the interesting factor is that it’s executive producer Pattie Mallette is another mother who refused abortion and chose life. She is none other than the mother of Justin Beiber.

3. Jack Nicholson

If you want to remember him as the prolific actor we’ve been gifted with, try watching one flew over cuckoo’s nest. An actor, producer, director and screen writer with a record of 65 films, 72 awards, 12 Academy Award nominations and 3 wins, he has won seven Golden Globe Awards, and received a Kennedy Center Honor in 2001. In 1994, he became one of the youngest actors to be awarded the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award. Jack Nicholson’s mother was pressured by her peers to have an abortion. Luckily she did not go through with it, otherwise we wouldn’t have this legendary actor in our lives! “I’m very contra my constituency in terms of abortion because I’m positively against it. I don’t have the right to any other view,” the actor once said, according to a 2003 report in National Review. “My only emotion is gratitude, literally, for my life.” You hardly hear such a statement from a Manhattan guy.

4. Andrea Bocelli

Named one of People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful  people, Andrea has won 13 Classic Brit awards, 7 World Music awards, 3 Grammy award, 1 Emmy award, Platinum award and much more. While Andrea’s mother was pregnant with him, she had to visit doctor for appendicitis. the doctors treated her and suggested that she abort the child because the child might be born disabled. Andrea in one of his stage performances recalls his story and thanks his brave mother for choosing life even while he was blind. His heroic witness should help mother’s facing unplanned pregnancies think twice about the life or death decision they are going to make.

5.  Pope St.John Paul II

The key figure behind the collapse of Communism, Pope John Paul II had been outspoken in his support to the “Solidarity” movement that catalyzed the fall of communist regime in Europe and Russia, though he had never visited Russia. So much so was he feared for his charismatic presence that the Chinese government did not allow him to enter the country for the fear of preserving their oppressive regime. An intensive traveler, he made 104 international trips, and visited 130 countries traveling the distance of three times from earth to moon. The first Pope to step inside a synagogue since the times of Jesus.He was also the first Pope to kiss a Koran, and step inside a mosque. The first Pope to write an apostolic letter directed to women, Mulieris Dignitatem. The total writings of the Pope equals to the amount of 3 bible. While Emilia, the Pope’s mother was in ill health, she was asked by her gynecologist to undergo abortion, since having the child will cost Emilia’s health.But Sr.Karol and Emilia chose life and here we have the greatest man of the 20th century.

Now, what’s your opinion about the millions of children aborted every minute in the name of freedom of choice? May be there’s special dynamics happening around the destiny of these vulnerable one’s so much powerful that the collective evil works against the poor souls to never let the world experience their legacy.

Every child that isn’t born, but is unjustly condemned to be aborted, has the face of Christ. – Pope Francis

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What a single person can do ?

Planned Parenthood of America has been caught performing illegal partial birth abortions for the procurement and selling of human body parts of aborted babies which is again illegal. The videos that were released by the Center for Medical Progress have touched the hearts of even people who claim to be “pro-choice” or  “pro-abortion”. In the wake of such an incident that the whole nation is outraged, every individual is affected by it in some way. I am deeply distressed by this event like many other people who were personally depressed by this piece of news. And while trying to digest this piece of information I slip by one of the pages in internet only to learn about the Ministry of Health in India has proposed to extend abortion up to 24 weeks and to liberalize the service in much more way. The account of 14 year old girl raped by her doctor has reached supreme court which has been waiting to open the gates of abortion wide open to anyone who demands it. It feels like something stabbed me right in my chest.  I was even more frustrated by  “what can i do? phenomena.

I am a single person . I do not work for a pro life organization, I do not have a larger social circle of friends or family, I am an immigrant, I am not in my country, I am enraged by this grave injustice that occurs to not only babies but in way even to the women(mothers) who are sold abortions as a quick fix. I am a single person, how can I even react to these events that shows the all time low of humanity. If you are either in America or Peru or India or Africa and witness similar gruesome injustice to the dignity of human life then my account might help you in some way. These are some simple things a person can do to protect the Sanctity of Life :

1. Prayer : While people might laugh at you at this suggestion let me remind you about the clinics that gets shut down by the famous Helpers of God’s Precious Infants Vigil and 40 days for Life program. If you are pretty shy to pray before an abortion clinic, you could pray inside a church or pray personally for an end to abortion in your community or nation. Or help the parish or diocesan Respect Life Committee organize ‘Mass for Life’, or hold a “Holy Hour for Life’ in your Church or youth group. If you’re someone with guts, just drive down to the nearest clinic and say a Rosary. Things change in an unimaginable way.

2. Get active in Church : You could start a pro-life committee in your church. If there’s one already then work with them to promote events like baby shower/cradle of love program to collect items for mothers who choose to keep their baby rather aborting them. Help these mothers with their pregnancy by praying for them, supporting them, encouraging them. Sometimes all they’re looking for is just someone to speak with and someone who will appreciate their struggle. Honor these women for their courage. Get in contact with Parishioners through bulletin. Have Pro Life educational brochures in the entrance of the Church.

3. Social Media : The Gen Y has a mobile and a Facebook account at the least. Leave alone whats app, twitter or Instagram. You can use these tools to spread the message of Gospel of Life. Do not be stringent with that Facebook Like button. You are never going to run out of them. Like, Share and comment on pro-life posts. You never know someone who is watching your posts might be touched by it. Join pro life groups and take part in group discussions to know what others are doing to promote the sanctity of Life, learn from others on different ways of evangelizing people. Will you do this if i say country’s political systems have crashed just by the use of social media? It’s not a waste of time to use those hashtags or making those videos.  I can personally assure you of conversion through this medium. People have changed their hearts after arguments presented in loving and humble manner. Sometimes thats the firt time they’ve been presented with the ‘Truth’. Even if a single heart is changed or touched, it’s worth it. But before doing that,

4. Get to know facts : Before using Social Media as a tool to fight the Culture of Death it is very important to equip oneself with the knowledge necessary to begin discussions, proclaim truth, engage in conversations and change hearts. This includes knowing the philosophical teachings that form the foundations of “Dignity” of human life, getting familiar with the scientific facts about development of human person, other issues that threaten the dignity of human life  (Abortion, Euthanasia, Surrogacy, Embryo experimentation, organ trafficking, IVF and other Artificial reproductive methods, egg donation, egg freezing, bioethics, artificial birth control and it’s effects etc  )

Most important is to be familiar with how these issues affect your community, culture and country. I’ve seen many Pro life people in India who are familiar with issues affecting America but they have least idea what’s happening in their backyard.

5.  Recycle/Reuse: I am a Craiglist girl. When I came to America I was so impressed to see how people recycled and wear ready to reuse things instead of forming gutters. I was so excited I started looking for baby cribs and strollers and would go to homes and pick them up and deliver them to Sisters right when a mom is expecting or is in need. This gives opportunity to talk about the mission of the Sisters or for that matter any Crisis Pregnancy Center by thanking them for indirectly helping moms. This is a simple thing a person can do. But it makes a huge difference for the young mother who goes to school and still  decides to have her child instead of the pressure of abortion.

6. Get active in community : The world is so busy that the business and the lifestyle of common man has been shaped by greater economic policies in such a way that his social life is seriously affected and he is isolated. It’s hard to gather people under one roof than it was 10 years ago. Everybody is in a rush for one’s livelihood. But it is during such a time is the greater need for common action. Do you think those people rallying, marching and protesting are wasting their time? Not at all. Such events create an impact in governmental decisions and shaping the Culture and majority opinion.

Is the Ministry of Health India proposing an Amendment to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act? then it’s time for you to show up in the rally. In this way you educate people on what’s going on around and you have given a part of yourself to defend those defenseless unborn babies whose voice will not be heard.

7. Sidewalk Counseling : May it be India or America. People living in countries which exercise ‘Democracy’ have the right to ‘Free Speech’. Right to Freedom of Expression and Speech is a fundamental right in India as a first Amendment rights in US. If Family Planning Association of India the affiliate of Planned Parenthood exercises it free speech way beyond limits by taking control of schools and giving filthy sex education to 6th grade children then it’s high time for you and me to courageously use our Fundamental Rights. Being in front of clinics and trying to offer help peacefully doesn’t violate any laws and is legal to do. Women have the right to know the truth. And this approach is the last chance to get them the options they need. If you’re called to be in front lines to defend life there’s plenty of materials in web with which you could train yourself.


8. Volunteer : This is another great way to contribute to fighting the Culture of Death. There are genuine groups out there who do not do things for money or fame but for the right intention- to save souls, save lives, families and do them without expecting something in return. Voluntering helps the giver much more than the reciever. And nothing is best than giving one’s time, strength and talents. Sister’s of Life and Helpers of God’s Precious Infants are the two best in America so far that i’ve personally encountered. The best way to find out if you’re with the right group is to seek these attributes in them: Poverty – working for “Life” for money never works (trust me) and if they have ‘Poverty’ as their charisma, like Helpers and Sisters of Life thats the best attribute one can find to be sure of right place. Money does more harm than good in this battle of Life, second is Blessed Mother- any group that keeps away God and especially Blessed Mother to embrace all in name of ‘ecumenical’ or to be a common non religious affiliation or to be hidden for tactical reasons is not going to win. It will be stupidest to think so and there’s a very very strong reasons to this. Also look for organization in their readiness to ‘Give’ than receive.

There are several NGOs in India that care for deserted pregnant moms and children. Get to know the one in your neighborhood, spend time with them, help them, encourage their staff, be a friend for these people.

No matter if you have a full time job or work around the clock you can always work to promote the Sanctity of Life. All you need is the heart that suffers with those who are oppressed.

“Give us the grace – When the sacredness of life before birth is attacked, to standup and proclaim that no one ever has the authority to destroy unborn life.” – Pope St.John Paul the Great

Hello India!

In the wake of Supreme Court having given consent to the 14 year old child to abort her 6 month old child in the womb it is very important that people get different perspectives of the same issue. The pain of the mother who is also a child will not be undermined because of discussing the pain of the child inside the womb. The mother is as precious as the child and the child is as victim as the mother herself. It should be noted here that the perpetrator was totally out of scene and the whole situation is seen from the point of view that that child somehow is the offender. A few questions to ponder :

What happened to the perpetrator ? Was he punished? if so, how?

What happens to the little “mother” who undergoes abortion which is again a violence not to forget?

Did killing the child in the womb serve justice? If so then in what way?

Will the little Mother be happy with her decision to abort her own child?

Did the child commit the crime or the doctor ? who medicated, abused and threatened the girl?

The dawn of “pro-choice” movement in India should be an alarm to everyone. For it not just robs the reality but creates a distorted image of reality. The truth is Abortion will not serve her justice. If so called self proclaimed feminists and liberals think so, then you are already deluded. Studies show that Women who have been raped do choose life, they do not regret not having aborted their child and those who had abortions did regret them because Abortion to a rape victim is like answering violence with violence. And in both ways she’s again a victim.


David C. Reardon, Julie Makimaa, and Amy Sobie, eds.,Victims and Victors: Speaking Out about Their Pregnancies, Abortions, andChildren Resulting from Sexual Assault
(Springfield, IL: Acorn Books,2000)